Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Looking For Real Estate Apprentice

I have so many real estate small deals & big deals opportunities right now, too many to handle and I'm sharing these by looking for fresh direct apprentices who could invest their after office time, part time or full time learning how to create wealth from zero in 3 years through the real estate industry from marketing, selling, packaging, development to investing by doing the real thing. If you are the one your first task is to send me a message at rovewealth@me.com why will I accept you. 10 slots only.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Why I Coach Real Estate:

I have 12 years of Real Estate Experience.
I invested millions of pesos in formal real estate continuing education.
I invested tens of millions of pesos in real life hard business lessons like surviving legal battles and personal struggles.
I invested more than ten thousand hours closing real estate deals and transactions.
I invested millions of pesos in building business connections and professional network.
I can cascade information to hundreds of thousands of people in a day.
I have track record of apprentices who followed my coaching becoming successful.
I have experienced the worst that could happen in a businessperson life.
I created series of training and lecture materials for "minimal cost, maximum profit" marketing methods.
I have access to 5,000+ global investors and all developers in the Philippines.
I made a hundreds of millions in real estate career sales in my twelve years as a Real Estate Professional.
I dream of a First World Philippines.

If you share my dream let's connect:

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