Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Four Types of Person by Rhyan Miraflores

There are Four Types of Person regarding Time and Money Freedom:

1) People with no time and money. They have no time because they must devote themselves to work. And they have no money because they have to pay their bills and expenses everytime they receive their salary, leaving them broke every end of the month.

2) People with time but no money. Because they don't have work, they have lots of free time. And because they don't have work, they don't have money.

3) People with no time but with money. These people are strict savers, they don't have time like the # 1 person because of work. But they have money because they save too much.

4) People with time and money. They are called, the wealthy. They have time for their loved ones, and they can do whatever they wish. Because they have passive income, they don't need to work. And its the same reason why they have money, because what they have is multiple streams of passive income..

You can be one of these persons. But you have a choice to change if you don't like your standing. In fact, a lot of people think they are destined to be where they are now. And they never realize that they had choosen to be what they are.

For me, I had choosen to be a number 4 person. And I know I can do it, most especially because of the community.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Club Team Elite

Club Team Elite is an organization of extraordinary people who come together with a mission to create wealth and abundance in the world by the year 2010. They are a mastermind group of wealth creators whose sole purpose is to do philanthropic works by doing good to others and sharing the vision of Club Team Elite of being a force for wealth and abundance to occur in the lives of every human being.

Club Team Elite believes that true wealth happens if it is shared with an individual or group whose primary purpose is to experience wealth and abundance in every aspect of their lives. The Club believes that nobody succeeds alone. There is always someone in someway or another contributed to somebody else’s success. This is one of the primary reasons why, Club Team Elite believes that the support of two or more persons or what is called by Napoleon Hill “Mastermind” is needed by a person pursuing a definite purpose in life.

Great wealth comes with it great responsibility, with this, Club Team Elite is committed to accomplish its mission and be of support to individuals who are in pursuit for wealth and abundance and wants to make a difference to others.

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