Friday, December 30, 2011

12 Wealth Building Activities you can do this 2012 with Create Abundance Business Community

Here is what you can do and INVEST your TIME this 2012 to make it a year of prosperity and abundance for you and your family.


Be Financially Educated

1. Play Cashflow 101. Learn how to rich become richer and understand why the poor becomes poorer in this game. You will also learn the meaning of Passive Income and how you can start making them from your current lifestyle. Learn Money, Business and Accounting (MBA) in fun and easy way. You are going to see what your financial life will look like in 5, 10, 15, 20 years if you continue what you do on how you make money and if you change the way how you make money.


2. Join The Big Dreams Game. This is a mastermind game on how you can make all your Big Dreams come true. This is very exciting because you will learn all the fundamentals principles of turning great ideas into reality. To learn more visit our Services page.


3. Learn Marketing and Sales. Learn not by reading books but learn by doing the real thing. The best way to learn is to sell products and services that you need to educate consumers. Educating consumers is one very important component in Market Creation. Market Creators are the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs where they introduce a totally new idea on making people's lives easy and meaningful. In Create Abundance you will learn to market and sell the idea to your personal, professional and virtual network of ending malnutrition in the Philippines.


Get Mentors and Coaches

4. Join the Business Community. Here you can have people willing to serve others through sharing of their experience and expertise in wealth building. They have been there where you want to be.


5. Become a Business Apprentice. Get valuable knowledge from your mentors by doing tasks for them. You added value to their businesses while you added value to yours. Business apprenticeship is one form of human relationships just like romance and friendship. Your growth is also the growth of your mentors.


6. Be part of a Mastermind Team. You can get a lot just by sitting and listening to a mastermind meeting and more when you actually contribute and participate. Masterminds are usually done to seek solutions to problems and Entrepreneurs are people who solve problems for profit.


Have a Wealthy Mindset

7. Think and Grow Rich Coaching. Finish the 13 modules of Think and Grow Workbooks. Think and Grow Rich is the compilation of the best practices of wealthy people that shaped and revolutionize the industrial age. As history repeats itself because our generation is now given a privilege to share and revolutionize the internet age.


8. Finish the Four Module Wealth Course. Here you are going to be aware of your money blueprint and find out and understand why even you work really really hard you do not get rich as you want to. You will learn where you got your beliefs and ideas about money and wealth and you will gain access on how to change these to become the person that is fit to your financial dreams.


9. Start the 90 Day Wealth Conditioning Program. The program is exclusive to the members of the CORE TEAM. For the next 90 days you are going to reconditioning your money blueprint programming that was conditioned to you since you are born. Change your mind and change your life. The program also includes developing the habit of managing your money through the Money Jars.


Make More Money

10. Start your Internet Business. This is the internet age and people are making passive income and millions in the internet. Start to earn your first dollar$ online. Be of service to people who spend money online to promote their products and services.


11. Engage in Real Estate. A developing country like the Philippines have countless real estate opportunities. Be of service of people in the Real Estate Industry as a professional real estate practitioner.


12. Trade Financial Markets. With the internet age you can make millions wearing your pajamas in the comfort of your home. Financial markets are very profitable yet very volatile and involves huge risks so you need to develop your self confidence and diligence by constant practice, getting coaching and mentoring from those who doing this and succeeding. You can start doing this from zero, follow the instructions below to know how.


Where to get guidance of doing all these 12 in 2012? Get your cellphone, sum up your courage and send a message to 0915.525.5595 "Take me as your apprentice coach!"


This article was written by only apprentices who are members of the CORE TEAM are allowed to copy and distribute his articles.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is the CA2020 Core Team?

The core team is the a special group inside the create abundance business community who invest extra time learning creating wealth and abundance by doing and teaching actual business systems.


The core team will become the future leaders that will lead mastermind teams in creating business opportunities and ventures that will provide source of income to the Filipino masses.


The core team will be the builders of First World Philippines. They will make a stand in bringing much needed investments in the the country.


The core team will make a stand in creating peace and order in the country and end pointless wars and conflict that plague our nation and scare foreign investments.


The core team will be in the forefront of economic, social and political growth and development of this country.


The core team is composed of extraordinary individuals whose purpose in life is greater than themselves.


The core team gave their commitment and service in the community as a life work and is dedicated in creating the world that works for all.


The core team is where you can find coaches and mentors that is more than willing to guide you to your path to wealth and riches. The core team is where you can find your “Rich Dad”.


The core team is a network of people from all walks of life dedicated in one dream, one purpose, one vision and one mission.


The core team are doers not talkers.


The core team are World Class Leaders and Executives. They declare, plan and execute!


If you desire to be part of the core team go back to the person who invited you to this website and ask how you can start the eight step process.


Do you deserve to be part of the core team?

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