Monday, May 4, 2009

What is the CA2020 Core Team?

The core team is the a special group inside the create abundance business community who invest extra time learning creating wealth and abundance by doing and teaching actual business systems.

The core team will become the future leaders that will lead mastermind teams in creating business opportunities and ventures that will provide source of income to the Filipino masses.

The core team will be the builders of First World Philippines. They will make a stand in bringing much needed investments in the the country.

The core team will make a stand in creating peace and order in the country and end pointless wars and conflict that plague our nation and scare foreign investments.

The core team will be in the forefront of economic, social and political growth and development of this country.

The core team is composed of extraordinary individuals whose purpose in life is greater than themselves.

The core team gave their commitment and service in the community as a life work and is dedicated in creating the world that works for all.

The core team is where you can find coaches and mentors that is more than willing to guide you to your path to wealth and riches. The core team is where you can find your "Rich Dad".

The core team is a network of people from all walks of life dedicated in one dream, one purpose, one vision and one mission.

The core team are doers not talkers.

The core team are World Class Leaders and Executives. They declare, plan and execute!

If you desire to be part of the core team go back to the person who invited you to this website and ask how you can start the eight step process.

Do you deserve to be part of the core team?